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Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems

September 1–4, 2019. Leipzig, Germany

Annals of Computer Science and Information Systems, Volume 19

ISSN 2300-5963

Position Papers of the 2019 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems

ISBN 978-83-955416-1-2 (Web),
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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15439/978-83-955416-1-2

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Dear Reader, it is our pleasure to present to you Position Papers of the 2019 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS), which took place in Leipzig, Germany, on September 1-4, 2019.

Position papers comprise two categories of contributions—challenge papers and emerging research papers. Challenge papers propose and describe research challenges in theory or practice of computer science and information systems. Papers in this category are based on deep understanding of existing research or industrial problems. Based on such understanding and experience, they define new exciting research directions and show why these directions are crucial to the society at large. Emerging research papers present preliminary research results from work-in-progress based on sound scientific approach but presenting work not completely validated as yet. They describe precisely the research problem and its rationale. They also define the intended future work including the expected benefits from solution to the tackled problem. Subsequently, they may be more conceptual than experimental.

FedCSIS 2019 was technically co-sponsored by: IEEE Region 8, IEEE Poland Section, IEEE Computer Society Technical Committee on Intelligent Informatics, IEEE Czechoslovakia Section Computer Society Chapter, IEEE Poland Section Gdańsk Computer Society Chapter, IEEE Poland Section Systems, Man, and Cybernetics Society Chapter, IEEE Poland Section Control System Society Chapter, IEEE Poland Section Computational Intelligence Society Chapter, Committee of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Polish Operational and Systems Research Society, Mazovia Cluster ICT Poland and Eastern Cluster ICT Poland. FedCSIS 2019 was sponsored by Intel.

During FedCSIS 2019, keynote lectures were delivered by:

  • Enrique Alba, University of Málaga, Spain, “Intelligent Systems for Smart Cities”
  • Francisco Herrera, Dept. Computer Sciences and Artificial Intelligence Andalusian Research Institute in Data Science and Computational Intelligence (DaSCI) University of Granada, “Deep Data and Big Learning: More quality data for better knowledge”
  • George Spanoudakis, Research Centre for Adaptive Computing Systems (CeNACS), School of Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering, City, University of London, “Cyber security risks: Comprehensive mitigation through technical, contractual and financial mitigation mechanisms”

FedCSIS 2019 consisted of five Tracks and a Doctoral Symposium. Tracks were divided into Technical Sessions. Sessions were preannounced in Call for Papers as track-related events (conferences, symposia, workshops, special sessions).

  • Track 1: Artificial Intelligence and Applications
    • Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (14th Symposium AAIA'19)
    • Computational Optimization (12th Workshop WCO'19)
    • Smart Energy Networks & Multi-Agent Systems (7th Workshop SEN-MAS'19)
  • Track 2: Computer Science & Systems
    • Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms (12th Workshop CANA'19)
    • Cryptography and Security Systems (6th Conference C&SS'19)
    • Language Technologies and Applications (4th Workshop LTA'19)
    • Multimedia Applications and Processing (12th Symposium MMAP'19)
    • 7th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages (WAPL'19)
    • Scalable Computing (10th Workshop WSC'19)
  • Track 3:  Network Systems and Applications
    • Advances in Network Systems and Applications (ANSA)
    • Internet of Things - Enablers, Challenges and Applications (3rd Workshop IoT-ECAW'19)
  • Track 4: Information Systems and Technology
    • Advanced Information Technologies for Management (16th Conference AITM'19)
    • Data Science in Health (1st Special Session DSH'19)
    • Data Analysis and Computation for Digital Ecosystems (1st Workshop InC2Eco'19)
    • Information Systems Management (14th Conference ISM'19)
    • Knowledge Acquisition and Management (25th Conference KAM'19)
  • Track 5: Software and System Engineering
    • Advances in Software and System Engineering (ASSE)
    • Cyber-Physical Systems (6th Workshop IWCPS-6)
    • Lean and Agile Software Development (3rd International Conference LASD'19)
    • Multimedia, Interaction, Design and Innovation (7th Conference MIDI'19)
    • Software Engineering (39th IEEE Workshop SEW-39)
  • DS-RAIT'19 - 6th Doctoral Symposium on Recent Advances in Information Technology

The 2019 edition of an AAIA’19 Data Mining Challenge is called Clash Royale Challenge: How to Select Training Decks for Win-rate. This year the task is related to the problem of selecting an optimal training data subset for learning how to predict win-rates of the most popular Clash Royale decks. Awards for the winners of the contest were sponsored by: Esensei and the Mazovia Chapter of the Polish Information Processing Society. Papers resulting from the competition are included in the Conference Proceedings (Chapter of Track 1: AAIA).

Each paper, found in this volume, was refereed by at least two referees.

The program of FedCSIS required a dedicated effort of many people. Each event constituting FedCSIS had its own Organizing and Program Committee. We would like to express our warmest gratitude to all Committee members for their hard work in attracting and later refereeing 298 regular submissions.

We thank the authors of papers for their great contribution to research and practice in computing and information systems. We thank the invited speakers for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with the participants. Finally, we thank all those responsible for staging the conference in Leipzig. Organizing a conference of this scope and level could only be achieved by the collaborative effort of a highly capable team taking charge of such matters as conference registration system, finances, the venue, social events, catering, handling all sorts of individual requests from the authors, preparing the conference rooms, etc.

We hope you had an inspiring conference and an unforgettable stay in the beautiful city of Lepzig. We also hope to meet you again for FedCSIS 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Co-Chairs of the FedCSIS Conference Series

Maria Ganzha, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland and Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland.

Leszek Maciaszek, Wrocław University of Economics, Wrocław, Poland and Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.

Marcin Paprzycki, Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw Poland and Management Academy, Warsaw, Poland.

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12th International Workshop on Computational Optimization

12th Workshop on Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms

6th International Conference on Cryptography and Security Systems

7th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages

4th International Workshop on Language Technologies and Applications

3rd Workshop on Internet of Things - Enablers, Challenges and Applications

1st Special Session on Data Science in Health

25th Conference on Knowledge Acquisition and Management

6th Doctoral Symposium on Recent Advances in Information Technology

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